Wednesday, 23 October 2013

You can’t find the Hibernate function in Windows 8?


Sometimes, when you take a look at some windows 8 features, you might be quick to conclude on reverting to your previous OS. If your system is built –in with windows 8, then you might be thinking of installing another OS.

When I upgraded my operating system from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Enterprise, I discovered a lapse in the window. The only option I’ve got is to do system factory restore, you know, F11 or F12, I’m back to Windows 7. Each time I found a solution to fill this gap, I will re – install windows 8 again. On and off it continues like this for about 6 times, hoping to get a perfect windows 8 system which I now have.

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Believe you, me, one of the reason that was making me switch from OS to OS is unavailability of the Hibernate button in Windows 8 – I thought the wrong way though, it was only hidden.

There are many features on  the previous version of Microsoft windows that were hidden in the now Windows 8. Not until when I  want to optimize my battery life by altering some functions in the energy plan so as to save energy did I discovered that the Hibernate function is on Windows 8, It’s just not pre – activated.

Importance of hibernating your Computer

If you are not gonna use your computer for some hours, you can put the computer to sleep to save power. There are some cases whereby you are not going to use the computer for some days and the current task you are running need not to be aborted knowing that shutting down your computer will stop the process. What are you gonna do? Sleep the computers for days? Nah. You hibernate.

So, Hibernation is an option that combines the benefit of sleep mode and shutting down the computer. When you choose to hibernate your computer, the computer saves the current of the system from the computer’s RAM to the hard disk and shuts down.

When the computer is restarted, instead of going through the typical boot process, the computer loads the previously saved state in to the RAM. The previous running programs and opened windows appear as they were when the computer entered the hibernate mode.

How to activate Hibernate function on Windows 8.

  • To activate this function on windows 8, go to your control panel and click on the System and Security tab.
  • From the listed menus, Click on Power Options. In the left pane, select the function “choose what closing the lid does”. There’s a link above the battery & charger icon that says “change settings that are currently unavailable”.
  • Click on the link and then scroll downward. You will see the shut down settings boldly highlighted. Mark the hibernate box and save the changes you’ve made. Your hibernate function is now activated.

You know where to confirm it now, don’t you? Yes, when you swerve to the bottom right corner your desktop then you click on settings followed by Power and there you see it. You got it right… That is just it, the hibernate button is activated.

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    1. Hi Literary Winner, windows 8 is a good and challenging app making it interesting. If you need any help concerning the app, I can surely help.

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