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Top 3 Reasons Why Blogging Could Seems Difficult For Students.

Blogging is a good thing for student because if properly managed, it benefits them in various ways as touching their academic life lest to say their social life. One of this benefits is that it develops your writing ability, helping you to express yourself better. You shouldn’t have problem as others with your project if you are blogger and the same time student.

Student and Blogging

However, there are some factors that could make blogging a bit strait for students. As they struggle to make success in their blogging  career so do they also struggle to have good grades and make success in their academia (except they resort to a full – time blogger).

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From my personal experience in blogging as a student, I’ve been able to gather some factors which could make blogging seems difficult for student. And below I’m going to be discussing with you some of these factors.

Reasons Why Blogging Can Be A Bit Strait For Students


    Though numerous, the most scarce resources ever in human life is TIME. There is a saying that “Time waits for no man”. Putting up a quality content to your blog cannot be achieved just by mere copy and paste of articles – wrong way, there is need for you to take quality of your time in making your content a great one that stands out.

    Students could only which there’s a way of drawing back the time. But, that little hand of the clock that you see is not a respecter of man and does not wait for any man not even student. Students have limited time. As a student, you know, you’ll receive several lectures, involved in series of practical – if available, schedule your personal reading time, balance up your spiritual life and have a relaxation, you’ve only got little time to spent with your blog.

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    It do takes me approximately 40minutes of my time in sharing my articles on Facebook groups. Sharing to other social network sites shouldn’t take as much as that – depending on the number of networks you joined. But, putting all this time together amount to some seconds.

    Engaging in the above activities sound simple to you, right? Maybe because it’s in writing. If you were involved in the above activities or have experienced this, you could testify that there is limited time to spent hours with your blog if you are to balance things up with academics too.


    Not everyone of us born with a silver spoon. One of the reasons and the most common reason why people blog is for earnings. There are many bloggers if not to say all that blog for nothing other than money.

    We sure know that you need to invest at least some tokens to your blog before you can start generating some cash from it. It isn’t a new song in my hearing that many students sponsored themselves in academics.

    Sometimes, the money you have with you might insufficient for you to satisfy your academic needs; and alongside, some impromptu spending might just pop up and there you have your plan disrupt. Such kind of a blogger might be experiencing some setbacks when it comes to financial issues about blogging.


    Except you want to  become a full-time blogger, your academic performance will be of little or no worry to you. I need to stretch the fact that many students wants to graduate with good grades, we want to come out with something worthwhile, something honorable, that makes us stands out and differentiate us from others. If we must archive this, then we must answer the call to more seriousness.

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    When you are spending a lot of time on the internet sharing and researching, you keep enjoying it. You want to have a better interaction with your audience and with other bloggers too. Gradually, this habit is becoming part and par sue of you and before you know it, you are addicted to it. Such a student who is becoming more addict to the internet is surely walking his way to below par performance in academia.


The above reasons neither implies that students shouldn’t blog at all nor that student should stop blogging neither does it serve as a discouragement for students who wished to blog, but this are some factors that could make blogging a bit difficult for you.

You can make out success from both your academics and blogging, but one will be at the advantage of other. Knowing the factors which affect you as a student blogger makes it easy in coordinating the available resources to improve yourself, both academically and as a blogger.


The above reasons are the ones I thought and have experienced, out of many, that could affect students bloggers universally. I left some points out and I’m leaving that to you.

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Is there any point I’ve listed above and you think it ought not to be there? Do you want to share your experience also as a blogger during your studentship (in the past or presently now)? Kindly express yourself using the comment box below. Your feedback is our driving force.


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Sunday, 5 January 2014

How To Add A Custom Favicon To Blogger Blog.

A custom favicon is very important in other to perfect the professional looks of your blog. The little small image in the address bar of your browser before the page title when you visit a site is the Favicon of that site, that is the Favourite Icon of that site/blog. By giving your blog a unique favicon, it differentiate your blog from other people’s blog when bookmarked or visited.

How To Change Your Blogger Blog Favicon To A Custom One

If a new user visit a website that have the Facebook image as its favicon, he would not think twice before he would have known that it’s Facebook. The question should be How easy? It shows that having your own unique favicon create your blog image in the memory of your visitors. You see, it's worth having one.

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Now that you've know how worth it is to have a unique favicon for your blog, shall we proceed on how to add this favicon to our blogger blog? I guess I'm permitted right? Yea!

How to Add/Change Blogger Blog Favicon From Layout

  1. The first step you need to take is to get a customized favicon that suite your blog. Visit to create/download one. You can also search for other sites that let you create or download a custom favicon using Google
  2. Download the favicon to your computer. The favicon must be in .ico format and its resolution must be 16 x 16 pixels. You should keep that in mind when creating your favicon.
  3. Go to your blog dashboard and click on Layout from the left pane.
  4. The list of gadgets present in your blog layout and their arrangement will be displayed. The first gadget on the list is the favicon. Another window will be opened when you click on the edit link.
  5. Click on the browse button to locate your downloaded favicon. Select it and click on upload.

You have successfully add/change the favicon of your blogger blog. You don’t expect your favicon to take effect immediately, right? Yeah, its gonna take like 24 – 48hrs before it start showing up.

How to Add/Change Blogger Blog Favicon From Template

If your are using a third party template – of which most bloggers does, the designer will surely make a room for favicon in the template. To add/change your favicon from your template;

  1. Get the url of your preferred favicon. You can download and upload it to a file sharing site like Picasa, Photo Bucket, etc. and copy the url.
  2. Go to your blog dashboard and click on the Template link.
  3. Backup your Template first – never doubt this action before making any changes to your template, its very important.

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  4. Click on the Edit Html link – beside the customize link in the template preview.
  5. In the template, search for “FAVICON”. Use “Ctrl + F” for quick search.
  6. You should see something of this sort “YOUR_FAVICON_URL” replace the text with your favicon url and save the template.

You are done changing the favicon of your blog.

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You shouldn’t expect the favicon to start showing up immediately, it will take like 24 – 48hrs before you can see it in action.

Over to you

This tutorial is simple enough for you to change your blog favicon. Do you find this post helpful? Were you able to change your favicon following this tutorial? Kindly use the comment box to express your opinion. Remember that your feedback is our fuel.

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

We Wish You A Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Today marks the beginning of a New Month and a New Year…many have thought about it, some dreamt about, some were about to witness it but they couldn’t just make it. I am very glad that you made it to this renewed, untainted, and refreshed year of greatness and profits.

Happy New Year From Crim Sonet Blog

We appreciate you all for how you’ve supported us for the past months, in your connections, your interaction, your comments, your likes, your shares and your feedback. Honestly, there will be no blog called Crim Sonet without your individual support.

Thousands of words are not enough to describe your love for this blog… We just want to say a big THANK YOU to you all.

This blog was first grounded some months ago, and was refurbished on  November, 2013. So many ups and downs have we experience on this blog which is enough for you not to visit us again. However, it’s a big surprise to us that you stick to us  despite the odds, and we are increasing daily in the number of readers.

This year 2014 is gonna be a fulfilled and a glorious one as we are making it a promise to serve you better with lots of helpful tips and tricks that will make you enjoy life more better with  technology, and answers to various problems that are related to our niche.

We only admonish you to continue your support towards us. That is when this goal will be achievable. We kindly implore your continuity in patronising our blog for more promising and helpful tutorials. Don’t forget also that it is important to share this blog with your friends on social networks to include them in this benefits.

Before resting the keyboard, We would like to say again that THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We are also wishing you a FULFILLED, BLESSED, PROSPEROUS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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Monday, 23 December 2013

How To Backup, Restore, and Change Your Blogger Blog Template.

Some months ago when I started blogging, I couldn’t just stop shaking my head with distressful heart. All I could say is “How I wish I’ve done this before,” it would have been a different story today. What happened? A little change in my blog template, a big disorganization in my blog layout.

How To Backup Your Blogger Template

You are my dear friends and I don’t want you to be in the same shoe as I was some months ago (it might size and might not even size you) Lol. I don’t want you to be in such situation that would make you ask; “What if I have…”

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Why do I have to Backup my Blogger Blog Template?

Since you have the full control of how your blog looks, you can easily make some changes to your blog layout from your template. In the process of editing your template, a mistake might be made. If you’ve backup your blog template, you will be able to restore your blog’s layout to its previous state if any problem arises.

Imagine my situation, what if I have make a backup of my blog template in the first place, what do you thing would have happened? I would have easily restore it back.

How to Backup your Blogger Blog Template.

Without wasting much of our time, knowing that before making any changes to your template you need to back it up, we are going to be discussing how to backup our blogger template.

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  1. I could imagine a sound of clicks, you should be in your blog homepage now, right? Ok. Click on the name of the blog you wish to backup.
  2. In your blog dashboard in the left pane, click on the Template link.
  3. Look to the top right corner of the page and click on Backup/Restore button.
  4. A  java script window will pop up showing an upload box. Click on “Download Full Template”. The full template of your blog will be downloaded to your computer in .xml format i.e template – 105623475869 where the number represent your blog ID.

Kindly keep this downloaded template in a safe place on your computer.

How to Restore/Change your Blogger Blog Template.

If anything goes wrong when you are editing your template and you’ve back it up already, all you have to do is to restore your blog layout from the backup.

Also, there are times when the need to change your blog template to a better one arises, once you have the downloaded copy of the new template, you can easily upload it for application to your blog in short time.

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To restore your blogger blog template or change it to a new one, you just have to follow the instructions below;

  1. Go to your blog homepage and click on the blog you wish to restore/change its template.
  2. Click on the Template link and select Backup/Restore in the top right corner of the page.
  3. In the popped up java script window, click on the browse button and locate the template where you saved it on your computer. It should be in .xml format.
  4. Select the file and click upload.

Now you’ve successfully change/restore your blogger blog template IF you did not receive any error notification.

In case you receive any error message when you want to change your template, it might be that the template is not correctly parsed or formatted. What you have to do is to correct the errors if possible. Otherwise, look out for another awesome template.

Note: Most templates are uploaded online in either .zip format or .rar format. In such case, you will need Blueftp or Winzip for the extraction if you are using mobile phone and WinRAR or Winzip if your are using pc for extraction.

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Over to you!

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Thanks! We love you all!

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How to Set your Internet Download Manager to Download Very Fast.

Internet downloading manager  acronym IDM is known for its speed in downloading files. This download manager have a lot of features integrated in it to perform its function for users satisfaction.

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One of the features is its ability to divide the download connection to several channel which makes it achieve its goal of speed in downloading files. Now I want to let you know how to make use of this segment downloading feature of IDM to even experience a faster download.

Initially, when you launch your IDM, there are 16 channels of connection but only 8 of the channels are in use by default setting. So, how do you activate the remaining 8, knowing that activating these channels increase the speed of your download?

Don’t worry, that is what this post is meant for. Now follow the below steps;

  • Open your IDM and go to the task bar (Screenshots are there to guide you.)
  • In the drop down menu, click on option. A dialog box will open to you, under the Tabs click on Connection. See screenshot below

IDM Channels

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  • In the connection type/speed, choose LAN 10mbs, the box next to it is the speed box, type 10,000,000.
  • Below the speed box is another box which is the connection number, change it 16.
  • Click on Ok and restart your IDM. Your are done to experience the amazing download speed of IDM.

Over to You

With the above simple steps, you can increase the download speed of your Internet Download Manager. Which other download managers do you prefer? Why do you prefer IDM to other download manager? Kindly use the comment box below to share your thoughts. Remember that your comments are highly appreciated.

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