Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How to Burn .Iso Files to a DVD.

Many software are made available today in their image form i.e .iso format for easy distribution. To be able to use this software, there is need for it to be burn to a disk – either a pen drive or a disc. Otherwise use a third party program to do such installation.

ImgBurn Icon

There are so many software out there that you can use in burning image files to disk. However and without much ado, we shall be working on ImgBurn Software for the purpose of this tutorial which is one of the free software that you can use for burning.

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The first step is to get your .iso file and a new re-writable dvd reday (or unused re-writable dvd). After that, download ImgBurn Software.

Now follow the below steps to complete the tutorial;

  • Open your drive and insert the re-writable dvd disc. Exit the autoplay option when it pops up.
  • Run ImgBurn from your desktop and wait for it to detect your disc.
  • In the option menu, click on Write image file to disc. Now click on the browse file icon and locate the .iso file where you saved it.

                                                                                                ImgBurn interface

ImgBurn Browse file

  • In the first column by the left, look down to the last line where there are two boxes. Mark the Verify  box.
  • Move to the right column at the bottom where you will see the settings. Here you can set the number of copies and the writing speed. Leave the number of copies as it is otherwise you want to burn more than a copy.
  • Change the writing speed to your desire. But for accurate result, change it to a lower speed. Some disc does not support a writing speed below 3.0. In this case, if you select 2.0 as your writing speed, it will be change to 3.0 automatically or as specified by  the disc.

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  • After setting the writing speed and the number of copies, then click on the write button. Wait for the operation to be initiated and watch it progressing……. (Go and sip in coffee, your success is awaiting you Smile).
  • It will get to a certain point where your disc tray is been ejected. For laptop users, you might get an error message here due to the fact that your tray cannot be automatically closed by the system unlike the Desktop users. Don’t panic, just close the tray manually and…the operation continues.
  • Wait for the operation to be completed and then your disc will be eject automatically.

Congrats! Jump out to your room and sip in another cup of juice Rolling on the floor laughing.

You’ve just burn an image file to a disc.

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You can check if it works fine by inserting the disc into your system then follow the autorun instruction otherwise double click on the disc. Whichever the case, it’s up to you.

What Do You Think?

Did you encounter any error while carrying out the above process and were unable to complete the tutorial? Did this tutorial work for you? kindly use the comment box below and let us know. Remember that your comment is highly welcomed.

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