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How To Add A Custom Favicon To Blogger Blog.

A custom favicon is very important in other to perfect the professional looks of your blog. The little small image in the address bar of your browser before the page title when you visit a site is the Favicon of that site, that is the Favourite Icon of that site/blog. By giving your blog a unique favicon, it differentiate your blog from other people’s blog when bookmarked or visited.

How To Change Your Blogger Blog Favicon To A Custom One

If a new user visit a website that have the Facebook image as its favicon, he would not think twice before he would have known that it’s Facebook. The question should be How easy? It shows that having your own unique favicon create your blog image in the memory of your visitors. You see, it's worth having one.

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Now that you've know how worth it is to have a unique favicon for your blog, shall we proceed on how to add this favicon to our blogger blog? I guess I'm permitted right? Yea!

How to Add/Change Blogger Blog Favicon From Layout

  1. The first step you need to take is to get a customized favicon that suite your blog. Visit to create/download one. You can also search for other sites that let you create or download a custom favicon using Google
  2. Download the favicon to your computer. The favicon must be in .ico format and its resolution must be 16 x 16 pixels. You should keep that in mind when creating your favicon.
  3. Go to your blog dashboard and click on Layout from the left pane.
  4. The list of gadgets present in your blog layout and their arrangement will be displayed. The first gadget on the list is the favicon. Another window will be opened when you click on the edit link.
  5. Click on the browse button to locate your downloaded favicon. Select it and click on upload.

You have successfully add/change the favicon of your blogger blog. You don’t expect your favicon to take effect immediately, right? Yeah, its gonna take like 24 – 48hrs before it start showing up.

How to Add/Change Blogger Blog Favicon From Template

If your are using a third party template – of which most bloggers does, the designer will surely make a room for favicon in the template. To add/change your favicon from your template;

  1. Get the url of your preferred favicon. You can download and upload it to a file sharing site like Picasa, Photo Bucket, etc. and copy the url.
  2. Go to your blog dashboard and click on the Template link.
  3. Backup your Template first – never doubt this action before making any changes to your template, its very important.

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  4. Click on the Edit Html link – beside the customize link in the template preview.
  5. In the template, search for “FAVICON”. Use “Ctrl + F” for quick search.
  6. You should see something of this sort “YOUR_FAVICON_URL” replace the text with your favicon url and save the template.

You are done changing the favicon of your blog.

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You shouldn’t expect the favicon to start showing up immediately, it will take like 24 – 48hrs before you can see it in action.

Over to you

This tutorial is simple enough for you to change your blog favicon. Do you find this post helpful? Were you able to change your favicon following this tutorial? Kindly use the comment box to express your opinion. Remember that your feedback is our fuel.

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