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Top 3 Reasons Why Blogging Could Seems Difficult For Students.

Blogging is a good thing for student because if properly managed, it benefits them in various ways as touching their academic life lest to say their social life. One of this benefits is that it develops your writing ability, helping you to express yourself better. You shouldn’t have problem as others with your project if you are blogger and the same time student.

Student and Blogging

However, there are some factors that could make blogging a bit strait for students. As they struggle to make success in their blogging  career so do they also struggle to have good grades and make success in their academia (except they resort to a full – time blogger).

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From my personal experience in blogging as a student, I’ve been able to gather some factors which could make blogging seems difficult for student. And below I’m going to be discussing with you some of these factors.

Reasons Why Blogging Can Be A Bit Strait For Students


    Though numerous, the most scarce resources ever in human life is TIME. There is a saying that “Time waits for no man”. Putting up a quality content to your blog cannot be achieved just by mere copy and paste of articles – wrong way, there is need for you to take quality of your time in making your content a great one that stands out.

    Students could only which there’s a way of drawing back the time. But, that little hand of the clock that you see is not a respecter of man and does not wait for any man not even student. Students have limited time. As a student, you know, you’ll receive several lectures, involved in series of practical – if available, schedule your personal reading time, balance up your spiritual life and have a relaxation, you’ve only got little time to spent with your blog.

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    It do takes me approximately 40minutes of my time in sharing my articles on Facebook groups. Sharing to other social network sites shouldn’t take as much as that – depending on the number of networks you joined. But, putting all this time together amount to some seconds.

    Engaging in the above activities sound simple to you, right? Maybe because it’s in writing. If you were involved in the above activities or have experienced this, you could testify that there is limited time to spent hours with your blog if you are to balance things up with academics too.


    Not everyone of us born with a silver spoon. One of the reasons and the most common reason why people blog is for earnings. There are many bloggers if not to say all that blog for nothing other than money.

    We sure know that you need to invest at least some tokens to your blog before you can start generating some cash from it. It isn’t a new song in my hearing that many students sponsored themselves in academics.

    Sometimes, the money you have with you might insufficient for you to satisfy your academic needs; and alongside, some impromptu spending might just pop up and there you have your plan disrupt. Such kind of a blogger might be experiencing some setbacks when it comes to financial issues about blogging.


    Except you want to  become a full-time blogger, your academic performance will be of little or no worry to you. I need to stretch the fact that many students wants to graduate with good grades, we want to come out with something worthwhile, something honorable, that makes us stands out and differentiate us from others. If we must archive this, then we must answer the call to more seriousness.

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    When you are spending a lot of time on the internet sharing and researching, you keep enjoying it. You want to have a better interaction with your audience and with other bloggers too. Gradually, this habit is becoming part and par sue of you and before you know it, you are addicted to it. Such a student who is becoming more addict to the internet is surely walking his way to below par performance in academia.


The above reasons neither implies that students shouldn’t blog at all nor that student should stop blogging neither does it serve as a discouragement for students who wished to blog, but this are some factors that could make blogging a bit difficult for you.

You can make out success from both your academics and blogging, but one will be at the advantage of other. Knowing the factors which affect you as a student blogger makes it easy in coordinating the available resources to improve yourself, both academically and as a blogger.


The above reasons are the ones I thought and have experienced, out of many, that could affect students bloggers universally. I left some points out and I’m leaving that to you.

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Is there any point I’ve listed above and you think it ought not to be there? Do you want to share your experience also as a blogger during your studentship (in the past or presently now)? Kindly express yourself using the comment box below. Your feedback is our driving force.


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