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How To Backup, Restore, and Change Your Blogger Blog Template.

Some months ago when I started blogging, I couldn’t just stop shaking my head with distressful heart. All I could say is “How I wish I’ve done this before,” it would have been a different story today. What happened? A little change in my blog template, a big disorganization in my blog layout.

How To Backup Your Blogger Template

You are my dear friends and I don’t want you to be in the same shoe as I was some months ago (it might size and might not even size you) Lol. I don’t want you to be in such situation that would make you ask; “What if I have…”

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Why do I have to Backup my Blogger Blog Template?

Since you have the full control of how your blog looks, you can easily make some changes to your blog layout from your template. In the process of editing your template, a mistake might be made. If you’ve backup your blog template, you will be able to restore your blog’s layout to its previous state if any problem arises.

Imagine my situation, what if I have make a backup of my blog template in the first place, what do you thing would have happened? I would have easily restore it back.

How to Backup your Blogger Blog Template.

Without wasting much of our time, knowing that before making any changes to your template you need to back it up, we are going to be discussing how to backup our blogger template.

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  1. I could imagine a sound of clicks, you should be in your blog homepage now, right? Ok. Click on the name of the blog you wish to backup.
  2. In your blog dashboard in the left pane, click on the Template link.
  3. Look to the top right corner of the page and click on Backup/Restore button.
  4. A  java script window will pop up showing an upload box. Click on “Download Full Template”. The full template of your blog will be downloaded to your computer in .xml format i.e template – 105623475869 where the number represent your blog ID.

Kindly keep this downloaded template in a safe place on your computer.

How to Restore/Change your Blogger Blog Template.

If anything goes wrong when you are editing your template and you’ve back it up already, all you have to do is to restore your blog layout from the backup.

Also, there are times when the need to change your blog template to a better one arises, once you have the downloaded copy of the new template, you can easily upload it for application to your blog in short time.

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To restore your blogger blog template or change it to a new one, you just have to follow the instructions below;

  1. Go to your blog homepage and click on the blog you wish to restore/change its template.
  2. Click on the Template link and select Backup/Restore in the top right corner of the page.
  3. In the popped up java script window, click on the browse button and locate the template where you saved it on your computer. It should be in .xml format.
  4. Select the file and click upload.

Now you’ve successfully change/restore your blogger blog template IF you did not receive any error notification.

In case you receive any error message when you want to change your template, it might be that the template is not correctly parsed or formatted. What you have to do is to correct the errors if possible. Otherwise, look out for another awesome template.

Note: Most templates are uploaded online in either .zip format or .rar format. In such case, you will need Blueftp or Winzip for the extraction if you are using mobile phone and WinRAR or Winzip if your are using pc for extraction.

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Over to you!

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