Sunday, 8 December 2013

How to Format/Restore your Computer to Its Factory within Seconds!

Every one of us each have our purpose for formatting or reformatting our computer system. It might be for the reason of virus or software error. It might even be for fun (irony).

How to fromat your computer within seconds

We just have one or more reasons before we conclude to formatting or reformatting our computer. There are two method of doing this;

  • Advanced system recovery.
  • Installing New OS.

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I want to discuss the advanced system recovery with you in this article. I call it Advanced system recovery because it’s different from Microsoft system restore.

PS: Formatting your system wipe away all files and partition on the hard drive including your Operating System (OS). It is imperative for you after formatting to install an OS. Otherwise, your system won’t have any environment to boot.

For this reason I didn’t include the third method of formatting system though it is quite similar to installing new OS. In a situation where you want to keep the old OS, then this advanced system recovery is highly recommended for you because it restore your computer to its factory.

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PSS: Before you proceed to formatting your system, backup all necessary document to an external storage. And make sure you computer system is plugged to a source.

  • After you’ve backup your files, restart your computer.
  • Immediately the computer start, press the F11 key to boot into the system recovery window (you might need to press more than once and you might also need to press the function key (fn) along with the F11 key before you can get any response. All depend on your computer).
  • In the system recovery window, there are two restore there. The Microsoft system restore which restore your computer to a previous  point in the past and System recovery which restore your computer to its factory.
  • Click on the System recovery and follow the instruction in the next window, either you back up your files or you continue without backing up (If you have do backup already or you don’t want to back up at all).

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  • Click on next and watch your system being restored. (Your system might require for disc. Do you still remember where you keep the disc that came with your computer when you bought it? Bring it out and insert it into your computer. Restoration continues).


  • The remaining steps are left for you to do. It is all about your information (including personal) to register your new computer. (New indeed except for that scratched and bleached case *winks*).

This is just a simple way of formatting/restoring your computer to its factory. This method is tested on HP Laptops and therefore the function key might be different depending on your product.

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Did this method work for you or you have any area where you need more clarification? Kindly use the comment box to express yourself. Your comment is highly appreciated.

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial. After we pull some files off of our old tower, we are going to wipe it and I want to make sure that I do it correctly. Liz Copeland

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      Thanks for the compliment. Kindly visit again.

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