Friday, 15 November 2013

How to Edit the Splash Screen of Opmin 4.2 Labs Handler Browser

The picture you see when you launch your Opera Mini browser during it's loading time and before the homepage is displayed is what is called "the splash screen" of the browser.

This is an interesting tutorial that we are going to be discussing. However, to find this tutorial simple and easy, you must have the knowledge of how to edit some basic features of the Opera Mini Browser.

Must Read: How to edit basic features of Opera Mini Browser.

I believe by now you should have at least know how to edit the basic features of Opera  Mini Browser. Otherwise, take time to practicalize the above tutorial.

The following will be required for this tutorial:

  • An image in .png format and relatively with low size. The resolution of this image must fit with mobile screen resolution i.e 128 x 160 or 176 x 220 or 240 x 320 and so on.
  • Class editor
  • Calc4me
  • Hex editor
  • Blueftp

Have gotten all these things ready? Then let’s proceed to the business of the day.

Extract the Opmin4.2Labs with Blueftp into a new folder. In case you don’t know how to extract file with Blueftp, you can acquire the idea here; HOW TO EXTRACT FILES USING BLUEFTP.

Have you extracted the file? Ok. Open your class editor, locate the picture you wish to use and open the picture, press * to highlight the content until the end you can press key 7 and input 999999 and then press the # key to go to the last part.

Write down the size of the picture. It is shown at the bottom of the screen highlighted in red colour. Press key 5 and then click on copy to copy the content.

NOTE: Don’t exit your class editor until you’re done with this process.

Now, go to the folder where you extracted the opera mini and locate the v or v.class file from the contents. Open the file and search for PNG. To quickly complete the search, press key 9 and enter into the textbox PNG. Press ok and then press # key and key 4.

Starting from the ‘PNG’, carefully highlight the content until the size of the highlighted contents become 12652 bytes. Press key 5 and click on INSERT from the listed icons. press the left soft key and click on save.

Take a deep breath and relax. We’ve get to the difficult part of the tutorial. Not that difficult, it just require extra + ordinary care.

Remember you copy down the size of the picture some minutes ago? It’s time to use the value. Open your Calc4me and press the DOWN navigation key twice, input the value you wrote down then press and hold the # key.

Some value will pop up to  the screen – the hex value of the picture, just copy down the value and exit the calc4me. Open your Hex editor and paste the value you copied. Click on execute to get your result.

Write down the value on a sheet of paper and exit the hex editor. Note: each hex code must not be greater than 4, the total number of hex value should be 14. Open your class editor and again open the v file. Press 0 key then 9 key, input 27 and press ok then press the # key.

You will some values which correspond with the values you copied down. Start replacing the value with the new one you just generated. Press the left soft key and click on save. Exit the class editor, pack your file with the Blueftp and test your handy work.

You’ve just change the splash screen of the opera mini.

You have any suggestion or complain?, can’t figure it out?, or you don’t understand the tutorial? You can drop your comment by using the comment box below. Your welfare is our concern.

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  1. interesting thank you for this

  2. Hi Becca, thanks for your compliment. Do visit again. .-:

  3. This sounds like a fun project for a Saturday afternoon. I never thought about changing the splash screen before. I would like to try it though.

    1. Hi Janeane Davis, it's fun when you are done with it the first time. You'll love doing it with different pics and can share it with your friends.

      Thanks dear. Do have a lovely day.

  4. Wow, I love your reaction. That's nice. You just set an example for me. Thanks for coming.


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