Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to download Torrent files with IDM easily.

What is Torrent?

Torrent with IDM

In the Bit Torrent file distribution system, a torrent file is a computer file that contains meta data about files and folders to be distributed.

Also, a torrent or Bit Torrent is a file that is transferred using the Bit Torrent peer – to – peer file sharing protocol. this file sharing protocol is used most often with large files.

A Torrent, however, is not the actual file being retrieved, it is just a mere data that has the information about the file to be downloaded. The torrent divides the target file into series of equally sized pieces that each assigned an identifying checksum.

Transferring files via torrent is much faster than downloading the file from a single host. The reason being that the demand or bandwidth is distributed evenly amongst many different users.

How to download?

Downloading Torrent file using IDM provide better speed, no file corruption, security and anytime resuming.

Now, complete the below steps to download Torrent files using IDM

  • Visit this site zbigz (zbigz is an online bit torrent client. They allows you to stream media files directly to your computer).
  • Create a free account with them. As time goes on, if you love their services you can upgrade to premium account.
  • In the box provided where you see “paste your torrent link here” just paste your torrent link and click on send it.


The site will download the file to their server and then allow you to download it using your IDM straight to your computer.

Note: The site store the cache for a week before they now delete it from their server.

There are some other sites that render the same service as that of zbigz. Some are; Boxopus, Torrent Handler,, Furk, and so on. Just insert your torrent link and click on “Go”.

Do you use any other torrent clients apart from those listed above? Which of the above are you using? Use the comment box to share your thought.

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