Thursday, 23 May 2013

Having problem updating your Windows 7 & 8? Problem Solved.

I upgraded from windows 7 Home premium to Ultimate some weeks ago. I wish all is working perfectly until I found that windows update wouldn’t just work.

I went in search for a solution to this problem and … gbam! I stumble on this one which I decided to share with you. If you’re having problem with your windows update which is similar to the above problem, this will come in handy.

Is your windows update not running? Perhaps giving you the error message “Windows cannot currently check for update because the service is not running” or something relating to that? Relax, because your problem is solved. Many users having the same process like this have solved theirs with this solution.

Sometimes, you might get the error message as above whereas the windows update is running without you knowing. In such case, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to start and type Services. Msc
  2. Scroll down to find windows update service
  3. Make sure windows update service Is stopped, else right click and stop it.
  4. Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ and delete all files in the folder.

Come back to services msc and start windows update. That is all your windows update should now be working.

Thanks to Ashok JP who provide answer to this kind of problem.

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  1. Just of recent, I cleanly install windows 8 pro. I discovered this same problem and apply this answer. It did solved the problem. It works for windows 8 too.


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